alessia falcini


I consider architecture to be a fundamental part of our lives and the lives of others. It is the main element we encounter daily and being architect allows me to design solutions for the ever-changing conditions we live in to ensure better qualities of living.
In my opinion architecture is more of an experience rather than a physical static building, and each living being perceives it differently, which gives any building or construction a different identity.
Architecture is a matter of suggestion, feeling. Every architectural artifact is born from the emotions of its creator and provokes as many emotions in its observer. Arousing emotions is as important as it is a dangerous role. Therefore, the first question I ask myself when I start designing is: what kind of feelings should this project inspire? From this point starts my design process, without ever losing sight of the ultimate goal.

I got my bachelor degree in Science of Architecture and my master degree in Urban Planning and Policy Design at School of Architecture and Society at Politecnico di Milano University.
During my university studies I developed my knowledge in art and architecture.
Throughout my job experiences as architect I have worked actively on projects at different scales: interior design, architecture, parks and urban spaces, but also urban redevelopments. I had the opportunity to collaborate within international and multi-disciplinary design teams; this increased my ability to work in multicultural contexts.




Architect – Studio Architettura M15
Milan, Italy

Visual merchandiser for the Mipel Expo – Franceschini
Rimini, Italy

Collaborator of Competition Secretary for – Comune di Milano
New Lorenteggio Library International Design Competition
Milan, Italy

Collaborator during The Design Week – Marsotto Edizioni
Milan, Italy

Visual merchandiser for the GlutenFree Expo – Fratelli Beretta
Rimini, Italy

Architect – Studio Archedri
Milan, Italy

Architect trainee – Studio Architettura Lopasso
Milan, Italy

Architect trainee – Studio Caccia Dominioni – Zucca e Associati
Milan, Italy